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The Rebel Pop-R is the standard by which all other top water poppers have been judged for three decades. Only the original Pop-R has the faith of America's top water angler - Zell Rowland. Once referred to as "The Secret Bait of the Pros," now everyone can enjoy top water fishing with America's No. 1 popping lure - the Original Pop-R! Available in three sizes. Perfect for bass fishing.




P50 Small Pop-R

Bass and panfish poppers - Rebel Small Pop-R

This ultra-light duplicate of the original Pop-R creates a big commotion when worked slowly, as a popper, or fast like a skittering shad. Its size and dressed tail hook make it a target of small panfish and keeper bass. 2" 1/8oz #8hks 5.08cm 1g




P60 Pop-R

Bass poppers - Rebel Pop-R

For many years the Pop-R has helped noted bass professionals win many of their "big dollar" tourneys. Now the Pop-R Plus features hyper light- attracting strands of a new glitter filament on the dressed tail treble hook. 2 1/2" 1/4oz #6hks 6.35cm 3g




P61 Pop-R Plus

Bass Poppers - Rebel Pop-R Plus

With the help of B.A.S.S. pro Zell Rowland, the "Pop-R King," Rebel has created four dramatically colorful, fish-catching colors for the Pop-R. 2 1/2" 1/4oz #6hks 6.35cm 4g




P65 Magnum Pop-R

Bass Poppers - Rebel Magnum Pop-R

This larger version of the standard Pop-R is designed to attract big fish. The heavier size and profile allows for greater casting distances and more surface commotion. 3" 1/2oz #4 Excalibur hks 7.62cm 8g




P66 Super Pop-R

Bass Poppers - Super Pop-R

3 1/8in of Super Pop-R action. 5/16oz #6 Excalibur Rotation Treble Hooks, Premium Finish.




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